How to Order

Business orders are to procure products for use by Gartner, and can be placed online or offline, depending on each business unit’s needs.

Personal Online Orders

The Gartner Gear store accepts personal orders with payment via personal credit card. NOTE: Personal orders must be charged to a personal form of payment. Your Gartner American Express Corporate Card is NOT a valid form of payment.

Personal purchases charged with personal funds are NOT reimbursable.

Business Online Orders

Australia, Canada, U.S. and U.K. online orders will be charged to a central purchasing card. Orders for all other countries require a Coupa PO # before the order is fulfilled, and will be invoiced. Once an online order is placed and approved, Barker will send an order acknowledgement that includes taxes, duties and shipping. Orders will be fulfilled after the receipt of your PO #. Credit cards cannot be used for international business orders.

NOTE: Only management-approved, business-related orders will be accepted for payment using a Gartner business unit cost center. (For example, T-shirts to be worn at a recruitment event). Please review the Gartner Gift Policy below.

Additional Details for all Gartner Associates

Associates who regularly purchase Gartner-branded merchandise for approved business reasons are expected to use this provider.

As a preferred supplier, Procurement reserves the right to redirect your requisitions to this preferred supplier. Using other suppliers for materials Gartner Gear offers erodes our purchasing power and is not in Gartner’s best interest.

Please note that our corporate Gift Policy remains in effect, and all associates are expected to abide by its rules. Giving or receiving gifts, as well as providing lavish or excessive hospitality to clients, prospects, suppliers or others with whom Gartner conducts business may run afoul of anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws that exist around the globe, and can violate Gartner’s corporate policies. Gartner therefore strongly discourages the giving of gifts directly or indirectly related to our business, and reminds all associates that such gift-giving should be avoided wherever possible. By setting out appropriate guidelines for the giving of gifts, this Policy aims to minimize the risk that anyone acting on Gartner’s behalf may engage in gift-giving that violates the law.