How To Order

Business orders are placed to procure products for use by Gartner, which can be placed via online or offline depending on the needs of each business unit.

Personal Online Orders

The Gartner Gear store accepts personal orders with payment via a personal credit card. The Amex Corporate Card is not an acceptable form of payment.

Business Online Orders

Australia, Canada, U.S. and U.K. online orders will be charged to a central purchasing card. Orders for all other countries require a CoupaPO number before the order is fulfilled and will be invoiced. Once an online order is placed and approved, Barker will send an order acknowledgement that includes taxes, duties, and shipping. Orders will be fulfilled after receipt of PO. Credit cards cannot be used for purchase of international business orders.
NOTE: Only management-approved business-related orders will be accepted for payment using a Gartner business unit cost center (For example, t-shirts to be worn at a recruitment event). Please review the Gartner Gift Policy.

Offline Custom Orders:

  1. Contact in marketing.
  2. Barker will send Gartner associate a quote.
  3. 3. Gartner associate will need to create a requisition in Coupa, prior to committing funds.
  4. Once the requisition is approved, Gartner associate will provide approved PO# to Barker.
  5. Barker will send invoice (which includes the PO#) to Gartner associate.
  6. Gartner associate will submit the Barker invoice to Gartner AP for payment.